Group Bookings

Group booking

For information on the best fares when traveling as a group or team.

Flight Schedules

Flight schedules

View flight schedules and plan your itinerary

Manage Your Bookings

Manage your bookings

Information on how to update an existing booking

Seat Selection

Seat selection

You can request your preferred seat online using the “Manage your booking” option.

Airport Weather

Airport weather

Plan ahead and check the weather forecast for your destination

Fiji Visitor Information

Fiji Visitor Information

Important information for visitors to Fiji, such as visa requirements

Bula Bid Upgrades

Add Upgrade

Experience a more comfortable and enjoyable way to fly. Grab your chance to upgrade to business class at your price.

Fiji Airways Premier Lounge

Add Lounge Access

Our flagship Fiji Airways Premier Lounge at Nadi International Airport offers guests a world-class lounge experience.

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